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Trailer: Black Ex- Service Personnel & Their Families In WWII


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April 11, 2013 · 10:14 am

Community Capsule: Black Ex-service Personnel & Their Families in WWII

Community Capsule: Black Ex-service Personnel & Their Families in WWII

Community Capsule: Black Ex-Service Personnel and Their Families in Worls War 2

We need your support.

Were you a World War II Servicemen or Woman? Did someone in your family play their part in the war effort? Do you have war or post war memories from 1935-1955? If so we would like to hear from you

Email: nottinghamblackarchive@gmail.com
Write to : 247 Noel Street Nottingham NG7 6AR
Call: 0777 509 3367

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January 29, 2013 · 9:07 pm

Aint Nuthin But A Heartache…

 NBA and Trobadour Cultural Heritage Foundation present a rare opportunity to meet and hear from on of the first black stars to Appear on British Television, singer Viola Billups aka Pearly Gates from Alabama and Nottingham’s community activist Louise Garvey. This event will be at the Neville studio  (formerly  the Playroom) at Nottingham Playhouse on Wednesday 17th October from 12pm  until 2.

flier designed by NBA’s very own Ioney Smallhorne

Pearly  Gate and Louise Garvey will be reminiscing about emigrating to the UK from different places, but via similar experiences in the 1960s and 1970s.  Louise and Pearly invite you to listen and share your memories and to bring your personal historical objects with you to share stories over a cup of tea and bun and cheese!


This event will also feature a themed NBA exhibition which will feature in the Upper Foyer during Black History Month including letters, artwork, photographs and documents from the Oswald George Powe collection.

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Community Dialouge 2: The Screening…


You are all invited to the next Nottingham Black Archive event which takes place on the 30th May at the ACNA centre. Last year NBA embarked on an Intergenerational Project in partnership with ACNA centre where we interviewed youth and elders of the Nottingham Black community to investigate how we as a community can bridge the generation gap. NBA produced a short documentary that explained what the project was all about and the outcomes, and would like to share this with the community.

We are also taking this opportunity to explain NBA’s various new projects, ignite  dialouge, share poetry and food…hope to see you there!

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The Clarion

For the past six week NBA have been sharing some of Mr. Powes donations. Mr Powe is a educator, activist, writer and publisher here is a copy of one of his publications, the Clarion Newsletter…


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WISA Artwork

Here are the last two excerpts from the WISA magazine which was donated by Mr Oswald George Powe, the artist is C Weaver…

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Nottingham’s Black Business’ in the 1960’s…

Continuing with WISA magazine donated by Mr Powe, this blog features two advertisements for black business’s; Alecs Continentals which was situated on Woodborogh Road and Mitchell Continental store on 79-83 Union Street. We are proud to say that The Mitchell store one of the oldest black Business’s in Nottingham is still in business and has expanded into a chain. Mr Mitchell senior has passed away but his legacy and the business is kept alive by his family one store being ran by his son Colin Mitchell on Alfreton road and the other by his daughter Claudette on Ilkeston road.

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