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February 20, 2017 · 11:36 am

Poetry Submissions

Continuing our work to support Black Writers, and provide opportunities that allows their work to be viewed by wider audiences, we have launched our Black In The City Poetry Submissions. For details on how to submit see our website



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The power of words and actions!

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New Horizons – indeed!

The book launch of one of our members Victoria Williams, was a thoroughly magical and inspirational event. Mrs Williams’ book of poetry is interwoven with her spiritual beliefs, culture and motivational words.


It was an evening of readings, warmth and laughter; a culmination of Vicki’s undeniably hard work. I was particularly pleased to attend because I have seen Vicki’s drive and determination in creating poetry and sharing it with a wider audience.  One of my favourite poems is, “Vanity Saith The Preacher,”

Vicki summed up the launch by stating:

“Don’t fear failure so much so that you refuse to try (as I had many mishaps from manuscripts to printing) but I never gave up trying. Along life’s way, when one fails to be victorious you must not procrastinate. Just get up and try again. I can say like Maya Angelou – I know why the caged bird sings.”


We wish Vicky every success



Victoria Williams and Charmaine Smith

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Note to self: every little counts


Note to self: every little counts

For weeks I have not written or read any poetry. The demands of a new job and illness have taken my time and motivation; I have ground to a halt. Recently I spoke to a fellow writer (Panya Banjoko) about this and she advised me to set aside time every day to write – even if it is only five minutes.

Now I am over my illness and I have had time to reflect, I acknowledge that the everyday occurrences of work, family and the unexpected are not excuses for procrastination and nothingness. In order to continue, I need to organise myself – better. My target is to read/write at least 4 times per week for at least 30mins (from experience without realising, at least an hour passes before I come up for air). I feel such a target is realistic for me!


Thirty minutes of focused reading/writing is better than nothing. I am going to start with, “The Day 30 Poetry Challenge: Prompts to Inspire Daily Writing Habits.”


I look forward to the challenge…….







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What’s in the past?

We are documenting Black Writers past and present as part of our Write Black to the Beginning project. Look what we have unearthed so far…

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Black Writers Network blog coming soon….

Since the launch of the Black Writers Network we have been going from strength to strength, look out for the launch of our WordPress blog coming soon…



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