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Happy Birthday Marcus Garvey

Today NBA are celebrating the birthday of Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Garvey born on 17th August 1887 in St Anns Bay on the north coast of Jamaica to a very humble family, 80 years after the abolishment of slavery. Despite his humble beginnings Marcus Garvey became Jamaica first national hero.

Garvey was a Journalist, and entrepreneur, an orator, publisher, an educator, a poet, a visionary- Rastafarian’s see him as a prophet.

Celebrating  (some of) Marcus Garvey’s Achievements…

Marcus Garvey dedicated his life in striving for equality for black people not only in his home land but internationally. At 23 Garvey travelled throughout Central America and moved for a time to England. During his travels he became convinced that uniting Blacks was the only way to improve their condition.

UNIA- One God! One Aim! One Destiny!

He set up the UNIA- Universal Negro Improvement Association in 1914 in Jamaica. This was very controversial and brave as Jamaica was still under British rule.

Some of the objectives of UNIA are:

  • ·      To establish a Universal confraternity
  • ·      To establish universities, colleges and secondary schools for Black people
  • ·      To assist the needy
  • ·      To establish agencies for the protection and representation of all black people.
  • ·      To establish business and international commerce – sustain the race financially and not be dependant on other countries.

IN 1916 Garvey set up a UNIA in New York- within three months attracting 3500 new members.

·      In 1919 the UNIA purchased the first of what would be numerous Liberty Halls in New York the building had a seating capacity of six thousand.

·      UNIA purchased additional Liberty Halls in the Canada, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Jamaica, and other countries


·      Negro World was a weekly newspaper, established in January 1918 in New York City, which served as the voice of the UNIA.

  • ·      Garvey wrote the front page editorial, along with poetry and articles of international interest to people of African ancestry
  • ·      The paper had a distribution of upwards of five hundred thousand copies weekly at its peak
  • ·      The paper became international France/South American Countries/ Various islands in Caribbean & translated into four languages
  • ·      The paper was banned from colonial countries


  • ·      A shipping line. Three steam ships and some yachts to transported goods
  • ·      Black people across the Atlantic/to and fro Islands in Caribbean
  • ·       Owned by UNIA Members
  • ·      Transported goods

Negro Factories Corporation

·      “Build and operate factories in the big industrial centres of the United States, Central America, the West Indies and Africa.

·      A chain of grocery stores, a restaurant, a steam laundry, a tailor and dressmaking shop and a publishing house, were also started.

Marcus gravey Connection to England

  • ·      He studied in London at Birbeck College 1912-1914
  • ·      Worked at The African Times a monthly Pan African journal
  • ·      The UNIA head office was relocated to London in 1935 when Garvey returns to live in England
  • ·      Garvey dies in London 10th June  1940
  • ·      Marcus Garvey Centre in Nottingham


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