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Stories From A Common Land…

NBA have recently been working with play-wright Mufaro Makubika  collecting information on the creation of the St Ann’s estate in the decade 1966- 1976 for his latest project Common Land.

We are looking for contributions in the form of documents, oral and written testimony, photographs that relate to the specifed date which will assist Mufaro in writing a play.

NBA have organized 9 sharing session in and around ST Anns where people can volunteer their time to share their experiences. There have been 5 session thus far where we have had the opportunity to connect with numerous people and hear some intriguing stories.

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If you would like to participate in this unique  project, and have connections to the St Anns area from 1966-1976   we still have four more session planned where you can come and share your stories.

We will be at:

the Stonebridge Farm Caribbean Day from 12-6pm  on 12th August  you can also enjoy a range of other Caribbean themed activites.

(this is a slight change from our previously advertised date)


5-7pm 15th August: New Arts Exchange 31 Gregory Blvd NG7 6BE

12-4pm 19th August: St Anns Community Orchard  ‘ Activity Day’ Ransom Rd NG3 3PP

12-4 pm 9th September : St Anns Community Orchard ‘Heritage Day’   Ransom Rd NG3 3PP

If you are unable to attend one of our sharing sessions but would still like to contribute to the project please contact us…


Common Land, c/o Bea Udeh NottinghamPlayhouse, Wellington Circus Nottingham NG1 5AF

Email or




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Collaborating with playwright Mufaro Makubika on Common Land

Common Land is an artistic led, community project by the local St Ann’s resident and playwright Mufaro Makubika.

The aim is to collate information , oral histories, photographs and memorabilia about creation of the St Ann’s estate in Nottingham in the decade 1966 to 1976.  This  transformational period saw large sections of  St Anns demolished despite local residence appeals, to make way for new ‘improved’ housing.

a collaboration between NBA and Play-write Mufaro Makubika

 The aim of this project is to create a play, which draws on the history of St Anns and experiences, memories, and views of people who live there. 

NBA are facilitating 9 events in and around St Anns where ex residence, workers, business owners or anyone who had ties to the St Anns area during 1966 and 1976 can share their memories. We will also have a scanning facilities to capture photographs, newspapers, fliers or any literature that relates to the area in the specified period.

 If you have something to share join us:

5th & 14th  July: Joint Service Centre, St Anns Well  Rd NG3 3PX 1-4pm

11th July: ACNA Centre, Hungerhill Rd St Anns NG3 4NB 11-2pm

20th July: Local Studies Library, Angel Row NG1 6HP 1-4pm

22nd July: Stonebridge Farm open day, Stonebridge Rd NG3 2FR 11am – 3pm

15th August: New art Exchange 31 gregory Blvd NG7 6BE 5-7pm

18th Aug: Stonebridge FARM Caribbean Day Stonebridge Rd NG3 2FR  12-6pm


 Once the research period has been completed Mufaro and NBA will offer a chance for those who took part and those who have an interest in the area to meet at an unique event at Nottingham Playhouse on the 6th October, more details of this event coming soon.

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