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New Horizons – indeed!

The book launch of one of our members Victoria Williams, was a thoroughly magical and inspirational event. Mrs Williams’ book of poetry is interwoven with her spiritual beliefs, culture and motivational words.


It was an evening of readings, warmth and laughter; a culmination of Vicki’s undeniably hard work. I was particularly pleased to attend because I have seen Vicki’s drive and determination in creating poetry and sharing it with a wider audience.  One of my favourite poems is, “Vanity Saith The Preacher,”

Vicki summed up the launch by stating:

“Don’t fear failure so much so that you refuse to try (as I had many mishaps from manuscripts to printing) but I never gave up trying. Along life’s way, when one fails to be victorious you must not procrastinate. Just get up and try again. I can say like Maya Angelou – I know why the caged bird sings.”


We wish Vicky every success



Victoria Williams and Charmaine Smith


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Note to self: every little counts


Note to self: every little counts

For weeks I have not written or read any poetry. The demands of a new job and illness have taken my time and motivation; I have ground to a halt. Recently I spoke to a fellow writer (Panya Banjoko) about this and she advised me to set aside time every day to write – even if it is only five minutes.

Now I am over my illness and I have had time to reflect, I acknowledge that the everyday occurrences of work, family and the unexpected are not excuses for procrastination and nothingness. In order to continue, I need to organise myself – better. My target is to read/write at least 4 times per week for at least 30mins (from experience without realising, at least an hour passes before I come up for air). I feel such a target is realistic for me!


Thirty minutes of focused reading/writing is better than nothing. I am going to start with, “The Day 30 Poetry Challenge: Prompts to Inspire Daily Writing Habits.”


I look forward to the challenge…….







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