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Collaborating with playwright Mufaro Makubika on Common Land

Common Land is an artistic led, community project by the local St Ann’s resident and playwright Mufaro Makubika.

The aim is to collate information , oral histories, photographs and memorabilia about creation of the St Ann’s estate in Nottingham in the decade 1966 to 1976.  This  transformational period saw large sections of  St Anns demolished despite local residence appeals, to make way for new ‘improved’ housing.

a collaboration between NBA and Play-write Mufaro Makubika

 The aim of this project is to create a play, which draws on the history of St Anns and experiences, memories, and views of people who live there. 

NBA are facilitating 9 events in and around St Anns where ex residence, workers, business owners or anyone who had ties to the St Anns area during 1966 and 1976 can share their memories. We will also have a scanning facilities to capture photographs, newspapers, fliers or any literature that relates to the area in the specified period.

 If you have something to share join us:

5th & 14th  July: Joint Service Centre, St Anns Well  Rd NG3 3PX 1-4pm

11th July: ACNA Centre, Hungerhill Rd St Anns NG3 4NB 11-2pm

20th July: Local Studies Library, Angel Row NG1 6HP 1-4pm

22nd July: Stonebridge Farm open day, Stonebridge Rd NG3 2FR 11am – 3pm

15th August: New art Exchange 31 gregory Blvd NG7 6BE 5-7pm

18th Aug: Stonebridge FARM Caribbean Day Stonebridge Rd NG3 2FR  12-6pm


 Once the research period has been completed Mufaro and NBA will offer a chance for those who took part and those who have an interest in the area to meet at an unique event at Nottingham Playhouse on the 6th October, more details of this event coming soon.

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Jamaican Diaspora Day

True to our word we thought we’d send out a reminder about Jamaican Diaspora Day. If you didn’t know about the day, now you do!

When did this happen we hear you ask?


The Resolution proclaiming the day was passed at the final session of the inaugural Jamaican Diaspora conference on July 17 2004. It was at this conference that delegates declared June 16th as Jamaican Diaspora Day and called for the day to be observed annually by Jamaicans worldwide. The day has been designated as a day on which Jamaicans in the Diaspora can come together to celebrate their oneness, strengthen their relationship with their homeland and celebrate their achievements. So whether you are on the Island or abroad don’t forget to take a moment to think about… Jamaican Diaspora Day this June the 16th.

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Community Dialogue 2: The Screening

Cast your minds back to the end of May when the sun was shining brilliantly and we all felt like we were on a wonderful tropical Island… right hold that thought… we know with Tsunami like conditions as of late that might be difficult but try!

It was on one of those rare sunny days that over 30 elders and other guests congregated at the ACNA Centre in St Anns to be entertained, educated and enthralled by the work of Nottingham Black Archive (NBA).

The proceeding got underway with a brilliant start from Enid Brown from ACNA welcoming attendees followed by opening remarks from the Acting Chair Mr Hilton and a welcome from the new manager Veronica Sterling.

And as  the sun shone brightly NBA’s Learning, Engagement and Collections Manager Panya Banjoko led guests, friends and elders through a remarkable event which began with Asha Jazz, NBA’s Youth worker,  singing a wonderful rendition  of ‘Peace, Love and Unity’ which had everyone clapping their hands and clicking their fingers in unison.

Next up an amusing rendition of ‘Serve’ from Marketing and community engagement officer Ioney Smallhorne that had everyone in fits of laughter as she relayed in poetic verse her experiences of being served in a traditional Jamaican shop. Next up Panya Banjoko performed her thought provoking poem ‘Bad Bwoys’ that had guest humming and aahhing in agreement.

Then the moment everyone had been waiting on tenterhooks for began, the screening of the highlights of NBA’s intergenerational project, followed shortly after by an in-depth discussion on how elders and youngers can continue to bridge the generation gap.

A success? Absolutely. The Acting Chair announcing at the end of the event that ‘NBA were welcome any time of the day and night to the ACNA Centre. ‘   NBA were suitably humbled when guests dipped into their pockets and made impromptu donations to the archive. NBA will be hosting many more events in the very near future so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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New Donations…

NBA are working on putting together an exhibition at Nottingham playhouse this Black History season. We will be focusing on the 1960s and 70s and highlighting fashion, business and social/political uprisings of this era.

We have recently received some photographs from Mr Francis who also was kind enough to spare some time and share his experience of the 1960’s- the interview and photos will be included into our archive for safe keeping and sharing. Here are a few of his donations….if you have any photos or stories that you would like to share please get in touch- email or call 07775 093367

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