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Third Member of the NBA Team…

Our third member to be featured is Laura Summers, here are seven interesting fact about Laura…

Laura never had a day off school in 11 years. The Lord Mayor even drove her to Manning Comprehensive on her last day where the whole school came out to greet her.

Laura worked in museum for 8 ½ years, she studied history and heritage in her undergraduate, and Museums and Heritage Management in her Postgraduate MA.

Laura is of mixed heritage, Jamaican/English, and is incredibly proud of both her backgrounds. She can do a mean roast dinner and a pretty fabulous mutton and rice!

Laura has problems with soggy food touching non soggy food. Beans on toast? No toast with beans!!

Laura gets very excited over stationary, weird I know but a trip to WH Smith really does it for her!

Laura recently discovered her great grandfather on her mother’s side, the Jamaican side, was a ginger haired Scotsman, and her family still owns land purchased by him back in the turn of the 19th Century.

Laura loves Judge Judy and aspires to be like her in her 70’s


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