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WISA Artwork

Here are the last two excerpts from the WISA magazine which was donated by Mr Oswald George Powe, the artist is C Weaver…


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WISA Patois Poem

Below is a poem written by editor of the West Indies Students Association (WISA) Mr. A R Deer taken form the  WISA magazine 1967/1968 edition

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Nottingham’s Black Business’ in the 1960’s (cntd)

Three more advertisements taken from the WISA (West Indian Student Association) magazine 1967/1968 edition:

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Nottingham’s Black Business’ in the 1960’s…

Continuing with WISA magazine donated by Mr Powe, this blog features two advertisements for black business’s; Alecs Continentals which was situated on Woodborogh Road and Mitchell Continental store on 79-83 Union Street. We are proud to say that The Mitchell store one of the oldest black Business’s in Nottingham is still in business and has expanded into a chain. Mr Mitchell senior has passed away but his legacy and the business is kept alive by his family one store being ran by his son Colin Mitchell on Alfreton road and the other by his daughter Claudette on Ilkeston road.

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Donations From Mr Powe…

We have been cataloguing donations made to us by Mr O.G Powe a truly inspirational elder in the Nottingham community. He has kept safe and secure documents for over fifty years. We feel honoured that he has donated them to the archive and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Over the next coulpe weeks we will be sharing various letters, photos, newsletters, poems and artwork that celebrate and highlight Black peoples struggles, achievements and concerns dating back to the 1960’s.

The first installment of Mr. Powe’s donations is a few pages from WISA (the West Indian Students Association) magazine dated 1967/1968. This magazine was established not only to help West Indian students settle into the City and to give them  a platform for their views but also to attempt to form an amicable relationship between immigrants and English people. The WISA magazine (as for all Mr. Powes donations) gives a great insight into 1960’s business, social and political affairs.

































































































































Our next blog will feature more from the WISA magazine and some of Nottingham Black business’s that were around in the 1960’s. If you have any letters, photographs or memories that you would like to share please do get in touch. Nottingham Black Archive, keeping the past in the present.

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The Day of Meditation (Siku ya Taamuli)

The last day of Kwanzaa is the first day of the new year, January 1. Historically this has been for African people a time of sober assessment of things done and things to do, of self-reflection and reflection on the life and future of the people and of re-commitment to their highest cultural values in a special way. Following in this tradition, it is a time to ask and answer soberly and humbly the three Kawaida questions: Who am I; am I really who I say I am; and am I all I ought to be? And it is, of necessity, a time to recommit ourselves to our highest ideals, in a word, to the best of what it means to be both African and human in the fullest sense.


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