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Introducing The Kitchen Bitch

This ingenious piece of engineering is called a ‘kitchen bitch’ and is used as an oil lamp in the poorer parts of Jamaica. Jamaica is accustomed to the odd power cut and the kitchen bitch was invented to remedy the black out.This quirky item is a prime example of how resourceful Jamaican people are because the ‘Kitchen Bitch’ did not start life as a lamp but rather a tin to contain sweetened milk. With a bit of imagination and soldering the milk tin is transformed into an oil lamp and usually kept in the kitchen.

Nottingham black Archive would love to find more obscure items that have an interesting story and reflect the black communities, email us at if you would like to donate or tell us about an item.


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Bridging The Generation Gap

NBA worked in-conjunction with Afro-Caribbean National Artistic centre to deliver the Intergenerational Project from April to June 2011. NBA interviewed elderly and young members of the Black Community to ask how we can bridge the generation gap. To mark the end of this hugely successful project NBA organised an Intergenerational Dialogue event where the elders discuss various issues and to share poetry. Highlights of the dialogue event are uploaded onto the NBA Facebook page, and a screening of the full length version of the evening is set to be screened at the St Ann with Emanuel Church and ACNA lunch club, this will be a great opportunity to mingle with the elders and bridge the generation gap. Get in touch with NBA if you would like a copy of the interview transcripts.

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Archiving Diverse British Culture through your Photos…

Ms. Lewis with two of her children

Nottingham Black Archive teamed up with Autograph-ABP and The New Arts Exchange to unearth a ‘Missing Chapter’ of Britain’s diverse photographic history. The 15th October 2011 marked the third nationwide ‘photographic road show’ that Autograph have engineered to collect, digitise and archive photographs donated by the general public and specifically from the ethnic minority communities in England. The photographs collected will help form a nationwide photographic archive. Nottingham Black Archive were proud to be apart of this project and were grateful for the members of the Black Community who relinquished their family album to secure their place in photographic history; from birthday parties, to intimate domestic life to family functions over 50 photographs from 11 different families were added to the Autograph archive.

Autograph is a charity that works to educate the public in photography with a special focus on cultural identity. If you would like to donate any photographs to be added to the National Archive email: info@autograph- also for more information about the Autograph-ABP visit their website

The photographs donated by Nottingham families will be added to the Nottingham Black Archive database and feature on our website.

Here are some of the photographs donated to the national Archive, above Ms. Lewis with her two youngest children 1963, right Ms. Lewis a new arrival from Jamaica outside her Nottingham home early 60’s, below a family reunion captured on Sherbrook Rd Carrington 1985, Panya Banjoko on her christening day late 60’s.

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